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From the Bavarian alps, introducing our new line of hand crafted spreads, jams, pestos & sauces. These truly unique flavor explosions will uplift cheeses, desserts, grilled meats and more.

Strawberry Lemon, Apricot Passion Fruit, Charming Fig, White Strawberry, Fruit & Fairy, Apricot Caramel, and Ginger Bread: These fruit spreads are ideal for baking cookies or creating your individual sweet treats with a topping or filling. Enjoy with your breakfast, refine your yogurt, muesli or ice cream. Kids love it as well.

Raspberry Toni: Raspberry Toni is a fruit reduction (no seeds) and has to be tried with cheese! It is delicious with cookies and ice cream and makes for a wonderful coulis or addition to Prosecco.

Exotic Garlic, Holy Smoke Pesto, Oase Namib, Peanut Monkey, Wowwood: These pesto and bread spreads are great for pasta dishes & bruschetta, fantastic for seasoning cream sauces or adding to your favorite salad dressing or sandwich. Enjoy it with cheese & create your own special dip by mixing it with cream cheese.

Dill-Mustard Sauce, 538, and Native Bavarian: These sauce refiners are a excellent with fish or meat and potatoes. Create a delicious cream sauce or mix with your favorite ingredients to create a salad dressing. These creations are a great option for the nutrition-conscious connoisseur.

Luciano Fabioso: This special pesto is a celebration of the extraordinary flavor of truffles. Mix it into pasta or simply spread on a piece of ciabatta bread and enjoy with a glass of wine!

Several of Essendorfers selections are Vegan, there is something for everyone! Keep an eye out for recipes and more information to come.



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