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Bourbon Grilled Steak Tips

FEATURED ITEM: Bourbon Grilled Steak Tips

Some foods are made to go together.  Bread and butter, burgers and cheese, coffee and milk . . . and barbeque and bourbon.   Why that last one?  Bourbon and traditional American barbecue both have their roots in the South.  They share charred wood in common — wood provides the essential smokiness of authentic BBQ, and bourbon is traditionally aged in charred oak barrels.  Bourbon lends a smoky, maple-like flavor and a touch of sweetness to a barbecue sauce and really makes it sing.

Getting the perfect sauce and smoky, tender meat can be a challenge for some – especially in the heat, the rain or the rush to feed a hungry family after camp and work.  Not to worry! Our Kitchen’s Bourbon Grilled Steak Tips are smoky, tender and ready to heat and serve. The steak tips are great cold over a crisp green salad, piled into a hearty sandwich, rolled into a wrap, or in a big bowl all by themselves.

We keep each of our Chef Cases stocked with a platter full of Bourbon Grilled Steak Tips, ready for you to bring home for dinner tonight or your next BBQ.  Enjoy!