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Loaded Waffle Fries

FEATURED ITEM: Loaded Waffle Fries

Waffle fries. Just hearing about them makes you hungry. They’re something on the menu you can’t resist as a side dish. And there’s something about those crinkle-cuts that invite sauce and toppings in a way that no other fries can in quite the same way.

This season, Roche Bros. is taking waffle fries and turning them into the side dish you will want to serve – and eat – at all of your celebrations, tailgates and more.

In Our Kitchen, we toss hot, crispy waffle fries with a blend of shredded cheddar and mozzarella, plus creamy cheese sauce. Then we add spicy jalapenos, bits of bacon and freshly chopped scallions. It’s a satisfying combination that resembles a restaurant side dish or appetizer, and will impress your guests when you serve it at home.

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