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Savory Sweet Potato and Risotto Cakes

FEATURED SIDE DISH: Savory Sweet Potato and Risotto Cakes

An easy-to-serve side dish that’s more exciting than your usual, basic vegetable, a Roche Bros. Savory Cake is a highlight on any dinner plate. We offer two varieties, both made fresh in our kitchen! All you have to do is heat and serve.

Our Sweet Potato Cakes combine fresh sweet potatoes enhanced with herbs and spices and then coated in bread crumbs, giving them a balance of crunch on the outside and a smooth, sweet inside.

For our Mushroom Risotto Cakes, we form creamy mushroom risotto into rounded cakes and coat them with bread crumbs for a finished product that boasts a blend of textures and earthy flavors.

Serve either type of cake as a side dish with any fish, chicken or meat entree, or make an all-vegetable meal with Savory Cakes as the centerpiece!