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Special Hours For The Elderly And Disabled

By Berit Bancroft March 18, 2020





16 Responses to Special Hours For The Elderly And Disabled

  1. Stephen Ballou says:

    Is this just Roche Brothers and Brothers or doe it include Sudbury Farms?

  2. Susan Biellik says:

    Will the Sudbury Farms store in Needham also offer senior hours beginning on 3/20?

  3. Miles C says:

    Does pregnancy qualify?

  4. Kelly says:

    Do pregnant women fall into the elderly and disabled population?

  5. Lois Parker says:

    Hi- my husband took advantage of this opportunity this morning. I sent him with a smaller than usual list, and he said the store was well-stocked, and he was able to get most of it. Thank you so much for offering this.

  6. Michelle says:

    What is the youngest age to be considered a senior for the early hours?

    • Berit Bancroft says:

      Michelle, we do not have a specific age requirement. We are asking the public to use best judgement and to respect this time for those that need it such as senior citizens, people with disabilities, and the immunocompromised.

  7. Joan says:

    Every time I go to Roche Brothers in West Roxbury, the shelves are almost bare. I was there yesterday as well. Can you tell us anything about stocking the shelves?

    • Berit Bancroft says:

      Please know that we are working with our suppliers to try to restock items as they become available, but the dramatic increase in shopping over the last week has put a great deal of stress on the supply chain nationwide. We will do our best to continue to stock our shelves and serve you, but there will be uncontrollable delays and ongoing out of stocks for the foreseeable future, as this situation remains fluid and uncertain.

      Please note that as these items become available, we will be instituting limits on: eggs, milk, paper goods, sanitation/cleaning items. We may also limit additional items as demand fluctuates. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we all navigate this uncharted territory together.

  8. Leslie says:

    Does Sunday morning have elderly hours?

    • Berit Bancroft says:

      Yes, our Sunday operating hours do also include this policy. Sunday hours will be the same as Monday – Saturday: 7 am – 8 am for senior citizens and people with disabilities and 8 am – 8 pm for the general public.